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To foster the community of writers in the area, the organizers of the Conference invite everyone who registers to submit an entry for writing-related services and an entry for published books. See image and description specifications below.

Authors Attending the Conference

Buck, Shelley

East - A Woman on the Road to Kathmandu

A Woman on the Road to Kathmandu. Inspired by a book purchased at Fred and Pat Cody's legendary bookstore on Berkeley's Telegraph Avenue, Shelley Buck took off alone in 1972 on a journey she hoped would take her overland to India and Nepal by public transit. East chronicles that journey and Shelley's emergence into adulthood along the way.

Lourie, Iven

Return to Mykonos


Culled from the poet’s journal of a six-month visit to Greece and Mykonos in 1972, the first sequence of poems in this chapbook radiate enthusiasm and delight with the Greek landscape and people, yet occasionally refer to the rule of the military junta at that time. The second set of verses, written more than 25 years later, mark Lourie's return to a liberated Greece and reflect more literary irony, refined appreciation for the island’s inner life, and continuing admiration for the Aegean landscape rendered with a touch of mysticism. A multifaceted poetic tour of Greece and the Aegean islands, this gathering is completed by watercolor miniatures painted on site by the author.

Artemis Books

Miller, Patricia Dove

Bamboo Secrets: One Woman’s Quest through the Shadows of Japan

While living in Japan, Miller’s dream of a year of exploration and personal growth is shattered when her husband is detained on drug charges.

Bamboo Secrets weaves together three strands:
a mature woman in search of herself;
an American’s love of Japanese culture and her study of its traditional arts; and an outsider’s struggle with Japan’s dark side.

“Bamboo Secrets is a travel adventure, a story of personal transformation, and an account of a legal battle, but above all it is... a transcendent exploration of the fascinating people, culture, and landscape of Japan.”

—Five-star Foreword Clarion Review.  |

Redfern, Lisa

Haylee and the Traveler's Stone Series 

 Time-travel, sci-fi, and romance in a real-world 1980s setting. A young woman gains otherworldly powers that make her a danger to everyone she loves. Is there any way to repair the damage she's caused?

Little Mountain Publishing

Tjoa, Hock

The Battle of Chibi

Long ago, along a stretch of a river deep and wide, but far away from the consciousness or imagination of All under Heaven (China), a battle was fought that determined the fate of its people for the next four hundred years.

This book retells selections (translated by the author) from the great Chinese classic, The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. This novel combines fascinating characters in action as well as ideas in conflict, battle scenes, deception and earnest debate; there is even a marriage proposal arranged for the purpose of entrapping the Loyalist leader.

Sleeping Dragon Books

Wilcox, Adela

Phoenix Landed

A book of Poetry by H. Adela Wilcox. Moving from the remnants of a life shattered by loss and the ghosts of childhood to the rediscovery of awe, purpose, and a stronger understanding of faith as love in action, Phoenix Landed renews the fires of the heart that spur personal and social revolutions.

The author’s first volume was acclaimed as an intimate and moving peek at the emotional milestones of rediscovery through which all must travel. Her second volume continues this tradition, as the cycles of life spiral, creating a deeper sense of purpose and compassion.

Authors NOT Attending the Conference

Horning, Linda

Buhari, A Family Odyssey in Nepal

While planning her second trek in Nepal in 2014, Linda Schuyler Horning‘s dream of family closeness is shattered. She learns her Kathmandu resident son, Adam, will marry Amita, a high-spirited Nepali woman she has never met. Invited, along with her husband, Paul, to be part of a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony, Horning struggles to balance her fear of letting go against a fascination with the unique culture and natural beauty of Nepal. How will Adam’s parents fare at a first meeting with their Nepali in-laws, and will age or elevation sickness prevent them from conquering the pass? Buhari: A Family Odyssey in Nepal is a compelling journey from the back streets of Kathmandu, to a unique family celebration in Pokhara, and finally onto the stunningly beautiful and challenging Annapurna Circuit, where success or failure waits just beyond the 17, 600-foot Thorong La pass.

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Submission Deadline:  January 13th

(Upon conference ticket purchase, instructions for submittal will be provided.)


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