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Sierra Writers' Conference is delighted to offer you a FREE learning journal to help make your writers' conference experience even more impactful.

This Journal Will Help You Avoid Conference Overload:

You’ve probably felt it before -- that over-caffeinated, sugar-highed, brain-fogged feeling you get when you’ve taken in too much information, made too many adrenaline leaps toward new ideas, and talked to way too many people, who seem to have it all together more than is humanly possible.

Conferences are great sources of information, ideas and connections. However, when you get home again, there's all those emails ... and the family needs attention ... and work is overflowing ... and ... and ... and, soon lots of that great content and possibilities have leaked away.

There's a term for it ... the forgetting curve ... it's astonishing how fast we forget things we've just learned. The writers' conference learning journal is designed to help you set your learning intentions, capture the information and connections you need, and know exactly what you want to do after the conference and how to make sure you get them done.

You will receive a link for the journal on January 2, 2017, with more instructions on how to use.

Printing Instructions: 
1. Simply download the file by clicking:  http://bit.ly/2hlWEEm
2. Print on your home computer or take to a print shop.
3. The file is set up for 6" x 9" ... if you print on letter size, you'll have big margins for writing or doodling!
4. Put in the binder of your choice ... or ...
5. Have your print shop spiral bind it with plastic on front and back to make it more durable.
6. The file has a color cover so you can print it in color or black and white.

Do it your way.

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  1. THANK YOU for this thoughtful, lovely gift! It will keep all the new information that's going to be stuffed in my brain fresh and accessible.