Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Save the date, January 26th, for Sierra Writer's Conference 2019!

The planning committee has been working on a new look and feel for 2019. 
We'll be starting a little later and there will be more opportunities to share your work.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

2018 Conference Attendee Thoughts, Impressions & Inspired Creations

Learning & Continued Education

"I found myself completely at home, learning, always learning, and looking forward to the lessons the coming year will bring until the next conference, a chance to take stock of progress in my grand quest." - Don Rogers, The Union Publisher - Rich vein of literary gold.

"This was my first writers' conference (woohoo! the ’18 writing goals!) and lemme tell ya, it was so good to sit, listen, take notes, and absorb so much great information about writing! I could almost imagine being a registered student in college again!"  - Bonnie McKeegan, Psychotherapist & Author of My Own Story - Writers Conference Notes & A #Writing Prompt #Story – Velma’s Man!

OMG, the Sierra Writers Conference Rocked! - Rachel Rose Teferet, Letters and Feathers

The Sierra Writer's Conference provided me, a fledgling writer, a day immersed in a collaborative effort by enthusiastic teachers and peers to help me "fast-track" my memoirs.  The event was well organized and provided me with a stimulating and encouraging array of classes and learning scenarios with which to improve my writing skills.  I am grateful for the opportunity to attend this conference and look forward to the next one.  - Marcia Grace Alcott 

Framing & Claiming the Author Identity

"I’ve been published: I’m the lead author of a paper in a well-known ornithological journal, published as an outcome of my thesis research. [But now] I'm writing a novel.
I’m not used to identifying myself as a writer, though I’m trying to become more comfortable claiming that identity in public. Anxiety like this doesn’t strike when I blog about my PCT hike or my illness. Writing about my writing freaks me out.
At the Sierra Writers Conference, I told fellow attendees about my nerves. I disclosed that I want to become more comfortable sharing my work. Everyone was kind and supportive. I learned from the workshops I attended. I took notes. I went home and made progress with my story." -  Kelly Weintraub, Wildlife Biologist, Writer, Lyme Disease Survivor - I stumbled through my first writers conference.

Creative Writing Piece from Building Interiority Workshop with Dimitri Keriotis

"His graceful movements as he moved around the kitchen, and the way his naked body’s curves and glowing skin shined under the stark overhead lights, made him appear as a professional ballerino on stage, caught on a painter’s canvas at the moment of perfection. He moved with the ease and comfort that comes with a lifetime of practicing for this one magical, essential moment as he slid a single fried egg from skillet to plate." - Meredith Cherry, author of Along the King's Road: A Guide to Touring the California Missions and Centaurider

Comments from the Post Conference Survey

“I really liked the breakout sessions and found them helpful. Having three was great.”
“I can't think of anything that was subpar!”
“It seemed like the writer presenters really taught their passion."
“I loved the atmosphere of learning and sharing.”