Thursday, December 8, 2016

Speaker: Dmitiri Keriotis

Dimitri Keriotis Website
Dimitri Keriotis:  Fiction writer; writing instructor.

Review snippet: "Keriotis should be standard reading for book clubs, for schools, and for anyone who wants to know themselves a little better."

Conference Workshop: Finding Your Arc, Session 3, 2:30 - 3:30: 

Lunchtime Author Round table, 12:00 - 1:00

Workshop Description:

A story can’t be a story without a narrative arc, yet sometimes our fiction lacks this crucial element or contains a narrative arc that is flimsy. In this interactive session, writers will examine and discuss a selection’s narrative arc and then turn their investigative eye on their own writing. Participants are encouraged to come with a working draft and can expect to be busy.
Dimitri Keriotis’s debut collection of short stories, The Quiet Time, was released by SFA Press. His stories have appeared in Beloit Fiction Journal, Georgetown Review, Evening Street Review, Flyway, BorderSenses, and elsewhere. Raised in Northern California, he was educated at UC Santa Cruz, University of Nevada, Reno, CSU Chico, and CSU Stanislaus and served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Zaire and Bolivia. Keriotis is a college counselor and teaches English at Modesto Junior College. He also teaches creative writing at San Francisco State’s Sierra Field Campus. He and his family live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

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In the same vein as Paul Theroux and Robert Olen Butler, some of these stories take place in foreign countries—Zaire (Congo) and Greece—and center on interactions between a host nation and an American visitor. Others are set in the US in the modes of Alice Munro and Tobias Wolff, focusing on human relationships.

Each story reveals a main character’s moral center in the face of unexpected events, some of which seem trivial, others vital.

Highlighted Review:

on May 20, 2015
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

The Quiet Time by Demitri Keriotis
Review by Marlon L. Fick

The Quiet Time is a literary work of eleven short stories, all of which are tied to each other through profound empathy, understanding of the human condition, and tenderness. In his astounding debut, Keriotis has achieved, undoubtedly through great struggle, a simplicity: That is, the stories are so seamless and so smooth that they achieve that rare quality of beauty which aspires to music. His touch is ever so light that his stories recall a level of talent equal to Steinbeck and Flannery O’Conner. The psychologies of his characters are multi-layered and so well articulated that he conveys silence—“the quiet time” that occupies the spaces that are left for his reader. He never tells. He shows.

As a writer, I confess to jealousy. I want his sensitivity and perception. I want his sense of our all too human limitations, our obsessions, our worries and our losses. His stories are set in California, West Africa, Greece--settings that are as equally realized as his characters. Having lived in West Africa, I was amazed by Keriotis’ eye for detail, right down to cultural mannerisms. And, despite the wide variety of characters and places, his themes achieve the universal, from conflicts arising from cultural and class identity to more internal or existential problems.

Keriotis should be standard reading for book clubs, for schools, and for anyone who wants to know themselves a little better.

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